Mastering Lingerie: 10 Commandments for Date Nights


Lingerie is a woman's most intimate clothing item. It can make a woman feel confident, sexy, and beautiful. It can also be a powerful tool in the bedroom, adding spice and excitement to a date night.

But with so many sexy lingerie options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are ten lingerie commandments to follow for a memorable date night.

1. Thou Shalt Choose the Right Size

The first commandment of lingerie is to choose the right size. Ill-fitting lingerie can be uncomfortable and unflattering.

Before buying lingerie, measure yourself and refer to the size chart of the brand you are buying from. Don't be afraid to try on different sizes to find the perfect fit.

2. Thou Shalt Consider the Occasion

When choosing lingerie for a date night, consider the occasion. Is it a romantic dinner at home, a night out on the town, or a weekend getaway?

Choose lingerie that is appropriate for the occasion. A sexy bra and panty set might be perfect for a romantic dinner at home, but a lacy bodysuit or a corset might be more appropriate for a night out.

3. Thou Shalt Choose the Right Colour

The right colour can make all the difference when it comes to lingerie. Choose a sexy lingerie that complements your skin tone and hair colour. Black and red are classic lingerie colours that never go out of style, but don't be afraid to try other colours like pink, blue, or purple.

4. Thou Shalt Accessorie

Accessories can add an extra touch of sexiness to your lingerie. Consider adding a garter belt, stockings, or a robe to your outfit. These accessories can also make it easier to transition from lingerie to clothing without giving away the surprise.

5. Thou Shalt Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric of your lingerie can affect how comfortable and sexy you feel. Satin and silk are luxurious and sensual but can be delicate and require special care. Lace and mesh are also popular lingerie fabrics that balance comfort and sexiness.

6. Thou Shalt Pay Attention to Details

Details like bows, ribbons, and embroidery can add a special touch to your lingerie. These details can also draw attention to your best features and add an extra layer of sexiness to your outfit.

7. Thou Shalt Choose the Right Style

There are many lingerie styles, including bras, panties, bodysuits, corsets, and baby dolls. Choose a style that flatters your body type and makes you feel confident and sexy.

8. Thou Shalt Consider Your Partner’s Preferences

While it's essential to choose lingerie that makes you feel good, it's also important to consider your partner's preferences. Ask your partner what they like or surprise them with something new that you think they will love.

9. Thou Shalt Be Comfortable

The most important commandment of lingerie is to be comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in your lingerie, it will show. Choose lingerie that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

10. Thou Shalt Have Fun

The final commandment of lingerie is to have fun. Sexy lingerie can add an extra layer of excitement and fun to a date night.

Don't be afraid to try something new or step out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the experience and have fun with your partner.


Lingerie can be a powerful tool to add excitement and fun to a date night. Follow these ten lingerie commandments to choose the right lingerie for the occasion, flatter your body type, and make you feel confident and sexy. Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience with your partner.

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